December Goals


The last month of 2018 is here! Crazy, isn’t it? This year has just been flying by. I always try to spend time reflecting in December in order to get my priorities and goals  organized for the new year. Plus, I always like to have smaller monthly goals that take steps towards achieving larger ones.

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October Bucket List


October is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s not as hot as summer and not as cold as winter, so the fall temperatures are just right! Plus, there’s a lot of excitement with Halloween right around the corner, which then leads to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. There are so many activities and events that are Halloween/fall-themed, such as pumpkin carving, haunted attractions, and hay rides. Half the time I don’t engage in as much as I should, so I want to participate in as many Halloween attractions as I can this year. I also need to load up on some scary movies, but I’m sure Netflix will help me out with that.

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