2019 Favorites || Beauty


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a lot of favorites in 2019. This post is my last ‘favorites’ post of 2019, and this one discusses my beauty favorites! While I’m not a beauty guru, I do love trying out new products, and in 2019 I did just that. I tried a variety of new brands that I was introduced to by fellow bloggers and YouTubers. There are still plenty that I need to look into, so hopefully that will happen in 2020!

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2019 Favorites || Music


I mentioned in my previous post about my 2019 favorites in books, movies, and TV shows that I would write a separate post for my favorite music of 2019…well, here it is!

2019 was a huge year for discovering music for me. I started using Spotify again, and it has allowed me to expand my music interests while continuing to listen to my old faves. Many artists I follow also put out new music this year, so I constantly had new albums and singles to listen to. Since I live at my parents house, it normally takes me at least thirty minutes to get to work or any event, so I typically listened to Spotify at least an hour every day. Plus, I like to have music on when I’m organizing or working on things, so that adds up to a lot of time spent listening to music!

While I did discover music this year that was released before 2019, I only included albums and singles released this year in this post. Many of my playlists did have older songs on repeat, but I wanted to focus more on the music that came out in 2019.

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2019 Favorites || Books, Movies, and TV Shows


Wow, 2019 sure went by quickly! 2020 is only a few days away, so I thought I would end the year with a short series of ‘favorites’ posts. I was going to compile them altogether, but since my lists were so long for each category, I thought it would be best to separate them.

Today’s post features my favorite books, movies, and TV shows from 2019. This list includes a lot of Marvel/DC, but I guess that should come as no surprise if you’ve been following my blog for a while. Also, if you’re interested, keep an eye out for my beauty favorites and my music favorites for this year that will be posted after this one! There might be a ‘year-in-review’ post coming out soon as well!

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