2019 Resolutions


Normally, I don’t participate in the whole New Year’s Resolutions thing; I try to have monthly goals instead. I had a long list for December, but I wasn’t very successful. I think that a month might be too short of a time span for the things that I want to accomplish, so instead, I’m making this post to share my aspirations for the entire year. It’s probably useful to have both long-term AND short-term goals anyway.

Looking back on my highlights of 2018, my year seemed a bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad year overall, but I seemed to be staying put where I’m comfortable instead of pushing myself. This year, I want to make some progress. I’d like to try new things, learn new things, achieve my goals, and meet more people. Maybe I’m just inspired because it’s the beginning of a new year, but I really, really want to be in a happier place next year where I’m doing things that I’m passionate about.

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