Things To Do When You’re Stuck At Home


With the coronavirus outbreak causing people to stay at home, I thought I would share a list of ideas for those who are looking for ways to stay busy. Since I don’t want to spread the virus and everything is getting canceled and closing down anyways, it looks like I am going to be homebound for a while!

As an introvert, this isn’t a huge change for me. It’s actually giving me more time to accomplish my massive to-do list. I admit, I’m still disappointed because I actually do enjoy participating in large events, but I’m determined to look on the bright side. Being stuck at home will allow me to accomplish many creative and productive endeavors that I haven’t had the opportunity to work on yet!

Anyways, whether work is completely closed or if you’re working from home due to the virus, you’re bound to have more free time than you’re used to. I tried to incorporate a variety of activities-some are active, some are productive, and some are leisurely. I hope you are inspired by some of these!

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