Citizen Science Projects You Can Get Involved In – Even If You’re Not a Scientist!


I was reading Citizen Science: Searching for Heroes and Hope in an Age of Extinction by Mary Ellen Hannibal, and it got me thinking…many people are staying at home right now due to the coronavirus and the holidays, so why not spread the word about citizen science? Many citizen science projects do not require physical interaction with others, so now would be the perfect time for people to get involved!

As someone who majored in Environmental Science but opted to pursue a career in Computer Science, I aspire to continue volunteering for conservation projects whenever I can, and citizen science is the perfect way to do that! Citizen science is a great way to connect the community to the science community. Sadly, science is something that has been politicized and disregarded when it comes to certain environmental issues, so it’s more important than ever for people outside of the field to be involved with science.

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