Things To Do When You’re Stuck At Home


With the coronavirus outbreak causing people to stay at home, I thought I would share a list of ideas for those who are looking for ways to stay busy. Since I don’t want to spread the virus and everything is getting canceled and closing down anyways, it looks like I am going to be homebound for a while!

As an introvert, this isn’t a huge change for me. It’s actually giving me more time to accomplish my massive to-do list. I admit, I’m still disappointed because I actually do enjoy participating in large events, but I’m determined to look on the bright side. Being stuck at home will allow me to accomplish many creative and productive endeavors that I haven’t had the opportunity to work on yet!

Anyways, whether work is completely closed or if you’re working from home due to the virus, you’re bound to have more free time than you’re used to. I tried to incorporate a variety of activities-some are active, some are productive, and some are leisurely. I hope you are inspired by some of these!

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Friday Favorites 2/28/2020


Happy Friday! For today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favorites from the last week or so. I’m not sure if I’ll do this type of post every week, but I think it would be reasonable for me to write a post like this bi-weekly! We’ll see how it goes. I believe that it’s helpful to reflect on and keep track of the things you are grateful for, and writing this type of post allows me to do so. I can share a few things that I enjoyed, and you all can comment some of your favorites this week as well! Plus, one of my favorites might become something you try and love too!

This will include any products, food, movies, tv shows, books, or life events that I enjoyed this week. While I usually upload monthly favorite videos on my YouTube channel, I wanted to mention my favorites more often than that. Those videos are also more product-based, whereas these posts will likely be more lifestyle/experience-based. Anyways, let’s get into my favorites from this past week!

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25 Things I’ve Learned at 25


Good morning everyone (or afternoon or evening depending on when you’re reading this)! Since last Sunday was my 25th birthday, I wanted to reflect on a few lessons that I have learned throughout my life so far. I remember reading many of these posts from other bloggers after my 24th birthday, so I was excited to write my own this year!

Before we get into my list, I wanted to mention that I have not perfected these lessons yet; I’m still learning! These are the things that I aspire to practice everyday. There are so many lessons to live by (I could probably go past 25!), so I decided to go with the ones that came to my mind first.

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Studying Tips


Long time, no see! I haven’t been keeping up with my blog at all these past few months; I’ve been busy trying to figure out what I want in life on top of my day-to-day activities. While I haven’t been successful with that yet, I wanted to get back into blogging. I’ve managed to find somewhat of a schedule to keep up with classes, work, and volunteering, and now I have some free time to blog again!

Since I have midterms for my classes this week, I decided to write a post featuring a few studying tips for those of you who, like me, are taking midterms/exams. I tried to include a variety of suggestions, so this post might also come in handy when you’re taking notes throughout the semester!

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