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Fall Reading List


Guess what? I am finally getting back into reading again! Life has been a bit hectic for me lately, but now that I don’t work 24/7, I have more time to read. It’s something I missed, and I’m glad that I have been able to read more often!

Now that I moved back to the town I grew up in, I also have a library card that should still work! I haven’t been to check out any books yet, but this should help me find more books to read without spending money or filling up my shelves. Plus, visiting the library is always a fun and inexpensive outing (especially as the weather gets colder).

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March Book Haul


Guess what I did again? I purchased more books even though I haven’t had any time to read whatsoever! My friend wanted to go to Books a Million, and I couldn’t say no to a weekend trip to the bookstore. Books-a-Million always has interesting books on sale, so I always want to buy everything. This time, I managed to limit myself to four books.

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February Book Haul


Hello everyone! After having a busy weekend, I went shopping at a few restore shops and a used bookstore. These places are great for discounted books; some might be worn, but there are quite a few in great condition. My boyfriend challenged me to find some novels that were outside the young adult genre, and I believe I succeeded. Since I’ve been falling behind on my to-be-read lists (I’ve had so many things to do and work’s been changing my schedule like crazy), I decided to share my haul with you guys! Hopefully I’ll be able to read these soon.

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My January Book List


I posted a to-be-read list last month, and it actually helped keep me on track, leading me to finish most of my list! I figured I might as well make a list every month to motivate me to read; this also allows me to make sure that I read books from a variety of genres. Sorry if my list for January has too much sequels…I’m currently in the process of reading a ton of series at the moment. Anyways, here are the books that I aim to read this month!

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What I’m Reading: Graphic Novel Edition


Hey everyone! The past month was pretty fun for superheros with the release of Thor: Ragnorak and Justice League. One of my managers at work also gave me an armful of graphic novels to borrow (I guess they figured out I’m a bit of a geek-whoops)! These are all DC; to be honest, I feel like I enjoy reading those more even if I might generally prefer Marvel movies (although now DC’s got Wonder Woman, so…). Anyways, here are the graphic novels I’m reading!

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